New Blog, Who Dis?

Do I sound young and fun or old and trying to be cool? haha. Whatever it is you think, that’s totally fine.. I’m just glad that you are here!!

When I started my photography journey a decade ago it was always said that a blog was needed to succeed… However I wasn’t feeling it and to be quite honest I was so busy I had to turn away bookings, and I didn’t really feel like blogging was worth the time and effort!

Sooo why the sudden change you ask?? Well I have a few reasons:

1st: I have photographed SO.MANY.AMAZING people over the years and I really haven’t showed much of it. I suck at social media and if you look at any of my profiles it looks like I’m not busy at all.. So on here I will start posting some of my recent work to see what I’ve been up to, who I’ve been lucky enough to capture behind the lens, and really give you a feel for what I offer.

2nd: I actually love reading blogs. I have many that I visit weekly or monthly and I actually get disappointed when there isn’t any new content up. I follow interior designers, photographers, just everyday people, and SO.MANY food bloggers. Like a lot haha. So if it is something I love reading so much, why the heck haven’t I started one for myself.

3rd: I’m kinda getting bored. My kids are 2 and 4 and they are pretty darn easy to deal with. I mean don’t get me wrong we have our days.. But my brain needs MORE and a bit of an escape from bathroom breaks and diaper changes and snotty noses and constant negotiation with my 4 year old. I am feeling I need more purpose. I am SO BLESSED to be a stay at home mama and get to be with my kids all day every day but there is still this part of me that WANTS to be a working mama. (Yes I have been a working mama the entire time I have been a mom but again, this gives me a bit more to do).

So what can you expect from this blog? I’m not too sure yet but I trust that this journey will put me on the right path. Also I’m 275278 years behind because now everyone is podcasting and not starting blogs but darnit, if you want pretty pics – you want to look at awesome pics, not just hear me blab on the radio!!! So here it is folks, thanks for dropping by!


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