Ripley + Rekyn's Mama. Farmer's Wife. List Maker. Lake Lover. Introvert. Real Life Kinda Girl. 

I'm about as real as can be, and capture my clients that way too.  I want the real, the raw, the authentic and the beauty in it all. I want to capture the beauty in these real moments.

I'm not going to sit in the corner and take 45 different photos of your shoes on your wedding day. I will get a couple and move on, because I think Grandma's reaction to seeing you in your dress is far more important than different set ups on your shoes. 

If your child is crying I'm going to keep shooting. This is a time in your life that you will never get back. When time goes too quick and they grow up so fast I want you to remember it all. The good, the bad, the pretty and the real. 

meet taigan

capture your real life moments

relaxed, easy going, go with the flow type people 


able to trust me in regards to photo locations, set ups,  timing, and outfit coordination (fluorescent colours are not pretty for pictures) 


people who value family and friends and deep connections before anything else and realize that is really the key to a wonderful life.


my favourite clients Are:

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